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MS Office


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MS Office Training

Gain the skills needed to express your ideas, solve problems and connect with people.



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MS Office 


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Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop applications, servers and services for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and other popular operating systems. It was first launched in 1988 as a bundle of three applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Since then MS Office has come a long way. Today, MS Office remains the most important office productivity suite in enterprises across the world. Though it has over a dozen business application including OneNote, the most used packages still are MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can get MS OFFICE training in Lagos, Nigeria.

Course Objective

This short-term course aims at making participants experts in the most widely used application packages of MS Office suite.

The course helps participants to use MS Word like a pro – it teaches them how to formatting text, insert video, assign themes, create table, generate index, create Bibliography, reviewing documents, and so on. The training on MS Excel helps participants use spreadsheets effectively. The participants will know how to use cell data, format data, create worksheets, analyze data, create different types of charts, understand, apply and create formulas for calculations, etc.

The course trains participants on using all features of PowerPoint – right from creating a presentation to photo album, applying themes, animation, to inserting background sound.

Course content

Subjects/Topics/Software covered

  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint


  • Easy to understand courseware
  • Training with the focus on useful features

Who can enroll?

  • This short-term course can be invaluable for individuals and employees who have to process information; present, sort, organize, calculate data; make presentations of ideas.



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