AutoCAD Civil 3D

The Louis Berger Group wins project bid for Navi Mumbai International Airport with Autodesk® Civil 3D® software.

AutoCAD Civil 3D



AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a civil engineering design and documentation solution that supports Building Information Modeling workflows.

It is used for designing, drafting and documentation, analysis, defining workflows, surveying and mapping of civil projects.

Why should you learn?

AutoDesk’s AutoCAD Civil 3D infrastructure professionals can better understand project performance, maintain more consistent data and processes, and respond faster to change.

AutoCAD Civil 3D tools support Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and help reduce the time it takes to design, analyze, and implement changes. You can get AutoCAD Civil 3D training in Lagos, Nigeria.

Learning Objectives:

At CADD Centre, we help you master the following compatibilities of SolidWorks:

  • CAD Animation:How to create a 3D, animated movie of your product design
  • Product Data Management:How to create a 3D, animated movie of your product design
  • Revision Control: How to keep track of the changes you make to your evolving product design, and also monitor changes each revisions bring to your overall design and manufacturing cost
  • Costing: How to check your design against manufacturing cost, and how to automatically generate manufacturing cost, as you design
  • Part and Assembly: How to design parts and assemblies of parts
  • Tolerance Analysis: How to analyze the tolerance levels of each individual part separately, as well as all that of parts when functioning collectively
  • CAD Library: How to increase productivity by making use of CAD library
  • Interference Check: How to check the way all parts fit among themselves, and operate as intended

Learning Outcome:

  • You will quickly design product concepts because you can use scanned 3D data, imported images, or simple sketches to demonstrate the initial concept.
  • You will create an electronic workflow that will cover all tasks right from conception of design, to prototyping to testing for the manufacturability of your design.
  • You will keep all your design data and design intellectual property in multiple file formats and manage them in a safe, centralized place. You can let your team collaborate with you at any stage of product development.
  • You will be a productive, innovative, and communicative designer/engineer, with an ability to work with people spanning different disciplines